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Capture your dream wedding beautifully and affordabily

We're passionate about providing beautiful wedding photography that you will treasure for generations to come - no matter the budget. We also have loads of wedding planning tips to help you save money


Why Budget Bride Photography?

Every girl dreams of the perfect fairytale wedding. When the day finally arrives the reality of budget limitations sets in. We realise that (unless we win the lotto), we won’t quite be able to make our Pinterest inspired dream wedding come true.


We (at BudgetBride) are firm believers that money should NEVER get in the way of our imaginations. That we can create everything we see, and that dreams do come true! Your wedding memories are important to us. Capturing the emotion of the moment is what we do best.


Join us on this journey as we explore the exciting possibilities of everything your wedding can be - without a celebrity budget.


Whether you need your wedding captured by one of our (talented) aspiring Johannesburg wedding photographers or tips on how to DIY your dream wedding, we've got you covered.

I got married in my twenties, my boyfriend at the time proposed and wanted to get married as soon as possible. Although we lived in Joburg city our whole lives, we wanted nothing more than to get married under the ocean sky with the sand between our toes. We also only had the money that was in our bank accounts. At the time our combined income was below average, we were (and still are) madly in love and couldn't wait to start our new life together.


I still look back at those 3 months we spent planning our wedding with a broad smile on my face. Every step of the way was a celebration, and we were just floored at how many doors God opened for us through this exciting adventure. I loved the hustle, learnt the lessons, was humbled by the breakthroughs and appreciated how much the people we love helped make it a day we will never forget. Our special day was something we couldn't have imagined in our wildest dreams.


Now it’s my turn… I want every bride to be able to live the story of her dream wedding so she can proudly tell it to her kids and grandkids, and relive that joy for the rest of her days.

As a wedding photographer, I’ve had the privilege of capturing so many beautiful moments, knowing that those will be treasured for generations to come. As a DIY bride I understand the balance of trying to save money whilst still creating a Pinterest board wedding.

Budget Bride Photography is a team of aspiring wedding photographers looking to build their portfolios and gain experience. These are talented photographers studying the art, and looking to make a name for themselves. It’s also a blog created to inspire the bride who dares to dream beyond her budget. Packed with tips, ideas and plenty of freebies along the way.

Why Budget Bride started?

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